In this document of terms and conditions for VIP card issuance and usage, the words and expressions shall have the following meanings:
1.1.    “EMG”: is short for Elements Management Group (EMG) and the management company for all the EMG outlets, located at 33 Le Duan Street, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.
1.2.    “EMG Outlets: are the restaurant and nightlife concepts managed and operated by Elements Management Group,
At the time of writing Elements Management Group manages and operates the below outlets:

1.3.    “Card”: is the VIP card issued by Elements Management Group to award to VIP customers. Some cards will identify the Cardholder and allows Cardholder to receive a discount or special VIP privileges when using the card.
1.4.    “Cardholder”: is the individual using the Card, accordingly, Cardholder is responsible for using the Card as regulations stipulated in this document of terms and conditions for card issuance and usage.
1.5.    “Website/ The official electronic information page of EMG: is the website of elements as the following link:
1.6.    “Card Usage”: is the usage of the VIP Card at the EMG outlets.
1.7.    “Card requirements”: The cardholder will be entitled to the benefits at the EMG outlets but must commit to the spending policy of EMG within the 6 months policy to keep the status of VIP.

2.1.     General information about Card
a. The VIP card can be issued to a guest if approved by a Manager. Cardholder shall be handed over with Card, Terms & conditions information, by the manager. The cardholder must commit to the VIP policy to keep the benefits of VIP members.
b. The cardholder using the VIP card accepts that the card belongs to EMG. The cardholder must read and accept the terms and conditions of the VIP program. If any changes occur to the terms and conditions of VIP, it will be updated on the official website of EMG.
c. EMG reserves the right to change the terms and conditions without any notice to the cardholder.
d. The cardholder accepts that EMG keeps the records of personal information that cardholder has provided. Cardholder information will be kept safe under the privacy policy of EMG.
e. The benefit of cardholder is 10% discount to all EMG outlets (with exceptions of SkyXX  with 15% discount.)
f. Other VIP privileges can apply and will be updated to guests frequently by EMG.
g. The discount cannot be used for groups above 20 people.
h. VIP discounts cannot be applied to other promotions or discount schemes.
2.2.    Scope of Card usage
a. The cards could only be used to gain special VIP privileges and must be used before the settlement of the bill. The cardholder must bring and show the card to the cashier upon billing.
2.3.    Validity of Card
The cardholder must within a period of 6 months from card issue commit to the spending policy. If guest is unable to commit to this spending, the VIP card will be disabled.
2.4.    Spending policy
a.    As of writing the spending policy is 200.000.000 VND within a 6 months period from the time of card being issued.
2.5.    Fail to commit to spending policy  
a.    Guest will be contacted either by SMS, Mail or phone call to be informed about the downgrade if guest is unable to commit, guest will be contacted 1 month prior to the end of the 6 months commitment period.
2.6 Card Usage
a. In the case that guest has forgotten the VIP card, phone number or email can be provided, the staff can then find the VIP account in the system and apply the privileges to the bill.
b. Only the owner of the card can use the privileges of the VIP card.
2.7.    Other regulations:
a. The cardholder could contact the Customer Service of EMG for further detailed information as well as solve any arising concern (if any) during the Card usage.
b. Customer service can be contacted on the VIP hotline 0898338333 or

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